Private Group River Trips

Private Group River Rafting Trips on the 3 Sections of Salmon River:

Middle Fork of the Salmon, Main Salmon & Lower Salmon River

Private Rafting Trips are perfect for the whole family on the Salmon River

What’s your idea of the perfect river trip? Share your idea with us, and we’ll figure out how to make it happen!


Salmon River White Water Rafting is a Great Group Activity!

Aggipah River Trips, a small family operated Idaho river guide service, has the unique opportunity to offer our guests a distinct private group Salmon River rafting trip.  We enjoy putting together private river rafting trips for your group, everything from families, groups of friends, and corporate events creating that you will remember for years to come.

Corporate group whitewater rafting trips…

For events such as professional seminars, corporate retreats, or employee incentives. No distracting phones, after-meeting activities, or home emergencies.  A business trip in this setting might have an appearance of  a tax-deductable junket, but my experience has been that in reality, while there may be formal presentations, there is shop talk throughout the day, on the boats and around the campfire.  I think that is often more important than structured talks.  There is opportunity to form relations, learn personalities, share a current experience, and to compare past experiences—professional as well as fun.

Add a fishing boat for your group to share. Take turns in the different boat types to expand your river experience.


Multi-generation family gathering, class reunion, or just a group of friends…

Can charter a mild to wild Salmon River Rafting Trip depending which section of the Salmon River you choose.  WhenChaP we are working with a unified group, we can vary some of our trip routines, such as trip length or stops along the river.  You might want to spend a night or nights at a riverside lodge, or add a special fishing boat or two for the group to share on a Middle Fork trip, or come back up river on a jet boat on the Main Salmon.

Minimum numbers for a charter trip vary with time of year.

Because we are limited in our access to the river–launch dates as well as group size.  Forest Service rules restrict  group size to 24 passengers, and launches to an 8-day cycle during the summer months.  It is easier to close a trip to a small or medium group in the shoulder period, or on the Main or Lower Salmon, than on the Middle Fork in July.  Especially during  prime time we require payment for a minimum number of passengers, regardless of actual numbers.  At other times we can be more flexible.

Call 877-705-7370 to plan your customized charter river trip.

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