Salmon River Lodge-To-Lodge Whitewater Rafting Trips

Stay in riverside lodges instead of camping

lodge trips relaxing on Main Salmon


The ultimate combination of Idaho wilderness adventure & rustic luxury

If you are interested in a Salmon River whitewater rafting or fishing trip but are hesitant about camping, we can arrange lodge trips: you’ll spend a night in the middle of a trip at a lodge for a shower and clean sheets, or spend every night of the trip in a lodge on the Main Salmon.  The trip begins in Salmon, Idaho. We will provide transportation to the put-in on the morning the trip starts. Call (208) 756-4167 for more complete details on this special trip.

On the Middle Fork, we can schedule one or two nights at lodges, but usually cannot spend all nights in lodges.  That may change, so contact us if you are interested. Lodge trips are especially suited to spring and fall, when nights can be chilly. In October we stay in lodges on our steelhead fishing trips—they are a lot more comfortable than camping on Halloween.   See Outdoor Idaho’s great program about our Salmon River Lodges.

Riverside lodges, a unique experience

Most of the lodges along the Salmon River are located on inholdings of private land that date back to homestead days.  When livestock-raising faded away at the end of the Depression, these homesteads became sportsman’s lodges, with a hunting and fishing focus.  They are supplied by dirt air strips or, sometimes on the Main Salmon, by jet-boats. The history of these lodges make you feel as though you have stepped back in time

whitewater ranch salmon river lodge trips

End your Salmon River whitewater rafting trip with a lodge stay

A variation of the lodge trip is to spend five days floating with us on the Main Salmon down to Shepp Ranch, then spend several days there. Their rooms are very nice, and their meals are wonderful. You can take horses on a trail ride, fly-fish in the stream that passes by your door, take a jet-boat ride, sun on the beach, help milk the cow, feed the pig, weed the garden, pick peaches, and soak up the history of the site—which has an in-use cabin dating back to the 1870s. After your stay you can fly from their airstrip to town, or ride a whitewater jet-boat down to the end of the road to meet your shuttled car.

Fall Steelhead Fishing Trips

Can be combined with these trips. Lodge-to-lodge Steelhead Fishing Trips can be arranged on the Main Salmon River in mid-to-late October on which we stay in lodges each night instead of camping. We use the McKenzie boats on these trips. The lodges offer a degree of comfort over camping at this time of year, especially if the weather turns marginal. These Idaho steelhead fishing trips take place within the River of No Return Wilderness Area, which is more isolated than the Lower Salmon. We see bighorn sheep and other wildlife here. We will see some jet boats, but they thin out a few miles from the launch site.

Middle Fork of the Salmon whitewater rafting lodge trips

We can spend one or two nights of a Middle Fork rafting trip at a lodge. We cannot spend every night of the trip in lodges because there are fewer of them on this river. Call us for special arrangements.

Main Salmon River White Water Rafting

With more beaches, warmer water, and more moderate rapids than the Middle Fork of Salmon River, the Main Salmon River is an excellent trip for families with grade school age kids.  It is great water for inflatable kayaks. The Main Salmon River on the River of No Return, offers excellent Idaho white water rafting intermingled with placid pools, magnificent mountain scenery and beautiful sand beaches along with warm summer temperatures. Group size is usually 8-12 people, and charter trips can be arranged throughout the summer.  Because of secure road access and adequate volume of flow, the Main provides the most dependable whitewater rafing in Idaho.  We float 80 miles in six days.

There are several lodges to stay at along the Salmon River, depending upon on lodge availability, trip length, and group size.

Call (208) 756-4167 for more details

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